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   Air string sales policy

   Air string has premium technologies of free space optic communication in the world and
   our device was made by our supreme technologies, and the quality of Air string devices have
   more strong power against change of natural environment from several conditions.

   Competitive service providers can decrease costs down while attracting new customers,
   establishing and extending services and separating themselves from the competition.

   Air string allows service providers to keep up with customer needs and customers can build
   a high-speed backbone, private security network and ring network with easy, speedy and
   cost effective.
   Air string is waiting for service partners to do with our global business strategy.



   프리미엄 무선광통신 솔루션 기업인 Air string의 Global Business 사업에 동참하고자 하는 국.내외
   Partner 사업자분들께서는 연락 바랍니다.

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