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   FAQ Support Field Information
This articles are questions received frequently from domestic and oversee customers.
   What kind of products does Air string Laser can support?
   Our products can be used from Telecom, Military, Police, Enterprise, Industry, ISP and Others.
   ASL series is for backbone line or backup line of big users.
   ASI series is for machine interfaces with RS232C/422/485/Fieldbus/Ethernet Protocols.
   ASH series is small size Laser system and users can easily use this product in a few minutes
   without other specialized person's help.   
   How long distance does Air string Laser can support?
   Our technology can support maximum 18Km above, but now our products can support about
   maximum 10Km.
   Which is the bandwidth of Air string products?
   ASL series can support 10Mbps,52Mnbps,100Mbps,155Mbps,622Mbps,1.25Gbps and 2.5Gbps
   ASI series can support 9600Bps,10Mbps, 100Mbps
   ASH series can support 100Mbps,155Mbps,622Mbps,1.25Gbps.
   What is the difference of Air string Laser?
   Our technology can very much specific in TX, RX, Optic and Others. Air string products overcome
   hard natural conditions as compared to others.
   We designed our system to get the high power, low noise, multi duplex architecture,
   supreme bios and optic architecture and many others. All of them are different to other
   That is our supreme technology design ability in worldwide Laser communication fields.
   Where are Air string market places?
   Our major markets are Telecom company, Military, Enterprise, Government and Much more. 
   We are trying to open big markets in several oversee big users because we have a supreme
   technology in Infra Laser communication fields. So we want to involve in constructing
   an information super high way, the basic infra structures, in many nations with our solutions.  
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